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The Berkeley Kidney Disease Screening and Awareness Program (KDSAP) is an undergraduate student-run organization that provides free kidney disease screenings in underserved communities across the Bay Area to improve kidney health and promote health equity. KDSAP has two main objectives: community outreach and student career development. By engaging undergraduate members to coordinate and facilitate screening events, students gain exposure to community engagement and professional development while serving the medically underserved and simultaneously addressing limitations in our current healthcare climate. The kidney disease screenings are co-hosted with our community partners and are free of charge, do not require any documentation, provides interpreters, includes a consultation with an MD, and is open to anyone who is interested.


The Kidney Disease Screening and Awareness Program (KDSAP) was founded by Li-Li Hsiao, MD, PhD, in March 2008 at Harvard College. KDSAP has been growing since, and currently has 15 registered chapters at colleges across the United States. The UC Berkeley chapter was established in 2015. Since then we have co-hosted over 10 screenings with local community partners, and hope to continue serving greater populations. Berkeley KDSAP has developed under the support of physician advisors, Dr. Delphine Tuot and Dr. Raymond Hsu from the University of California, San Francisco, whose guidance has been instrumental in the expansion of screening efforts as well as career development for student members. We hope to continue growing as an organization in order to serve more people and pursue our mission.

Recieve anonymous IDs. Fill out sign-in form for medical history.

Blood Pressure
Check for hypertension. Marker of kidney disease.

Blood Glucose
Assessment of sugar levels to check for diabetes.

Urine assessment for markers of kidney disease.

Provides general info about their health.

Physician Consult
Reflect over data. Discuss any necessary lifestyle changes.


Vietnamese American Community Center of the East Bay

Oakland, CaliforniaSpring 2020

KDSAP partnered with VACCEB to have our screening as the centerpoint of their annual health fair. We were able to screen 46 patients at the health fair with the help of Cal VHIO to help us interpret. Dr. Raymond Hsu, Dr. Anna Malkina, Dr. Chi Chu, and Dr. Diana Kwong were our volunteer physicians present at the screening. This was our only screening of the year, and our remaining two planned screenings for Sprign 2020 were cancelled due to COVID-19.

Oakland Asian Cultural Center

Oakland, CaliforniaFall 2019

For our fifth and last screening of the year, we again partnered with OACC for our third screening at their location. We screened 42 patients who went through all of our screening stations and the final physicians consult with the help of Cal VHIO who sent interpreters to help with language barriers. Dr. Delphine Tuot, Dr. Guity Farahmand, Dr. Ken Sutha, Dr. Lakshmi L Ganesan, and Dr. Harini Sarathy were our volunteer physicians present to offer their help.

Southeast Asian Community Center

San Francisco, CaliforniaFall 2019

Returning to San Francisco, we partnered with SEACC to screen 44 of their community members. SEACC's community was predominantly Vietnamese, and we thank all of our intepreters from Cal VHIO who were there to help break the language barrier. Also a big thank you to Dr. Raymond Hsu and Dr. Salitha Sunderrajan for giving us their time to be at the screening and working overtime!

Home of Christ Church Menlo Park

Menlo Park, CaliforniaSpring 2019

Our final screening of the spring semester involved a trip down to the South Bay Area. At the Menlo Park branch of the Home of Christ Church, we screened 30 of their community members. Thank you to Dr. Raymond Hsu, Dr. Diana Kwong, Dr. Shelley Cheng, Dr. Anna Malkina, Dr. Salitha Sunderrajan, and Dr. Yiming Lit who gave us their time to be at the screening to serve the community.

Berkeley Chinese for Christ Church

Berkeley, CaliforniaSpring 2019

For this screening we returned close to campus. We partnered with the Berkeley Chinese for Christ Church, screening 22 patients with th help of Dr. Delphine Tuot, Dr. Harini Sarathy, and Dr. Shelley Cheng. Thank you to our volunteer physicians who made it possible, and for our members, and to the Berkeley Chinese for Christ Church.

SF Korean Center

San Francisco, CaliforniaSpring 2019

The first screening of the year was at the SF Korean Center, where we screened 15 patients from their community. Dr. Raymond Hsu, Dr.Delphine Tuot, Dr. Katherine Wang, Dr. Julie Kuniyoshi, and Dr. Christopher Carlos were our physician volunteerss who were present at the screening for our patients.

Home of Christ Church Cupertino

Cupertino, CaliforniaFall 2018

For our fifth and final screening of 2018, we partnered again with the Home of Christ Church in Cupertino. We were able to screen 60 of their community members, a busy day. With the help of Dr. Raymond Hsu, Dr. Julie Kuniyoshi, Dr. Rafia Chaudhry, and our very own Dr. Li-Li Hsiao (the founder of KDSAP from Harvard) who paid our chapter a visit for this screening.

Serramonte Shopping Center

Daly City, CaliforniaFall 2018

UC Berkeley KDSAP sent members to volunteer at the NKF (National Kidney Foundation) screening that took place a the Serramonte Shopping Center in Daly City for our second screening of the semester. NKF had their own physicians present, and we were able to help them screen 60 patients that day. It was a valuable experience to be volunteering with the National Kidney Foundation to learn how to improve our own screenings.

Oakland Asian Cultural Center

Oakland, CaliforniaFall 2018

At OACC once again, we had our third screening of the year and first of the fall semester! 15 patients of the local community attended our screening, receiving their free health screening tests. Dr. Raymond Hsu, Dr. Diana Kwong, and Dr. Ruth Dubin volunteered their time to give our patients their free physician consultations.

Oakland Asian Cultural Center

Oakland, CaliforniaSpring 2018

Our second screening of the semester involved our first visit to our now longtime partners at OACC, a primarily Mandarin and Cantonese speaking community! We provided health screening services to 30 patients, and they were all able to have their one on one, private consultations with Dr. Delphine Tuot, Dr. Lekha Tummalapalli, Dr. Shelley Cheng, and Dr. Jon Nazir.

Berkeley Chinese for Christ Church

Berkeley, CaliforniaSpring 2018

At our first screening of the spring semester, we screened the members of the Berkeley Chinese for Christ Church. 15 patients attended our screening, and with the help of Dr. Delphine Tuot, Dr. Raymond Hsu, Dr. Salitha Sunderrajan, Dr. Elaine Ku, and Dr. Sam James we had an easy flow of patients who were able to consult our volunteer physicians.

Chaparral House

Berkeley, CaliforniaFall 2017

For our second screening of 2017, KDSAP had the pleasure of partnering with the Chaparral House to screen their community members. Over 30 patients were screened and were able to meet with our wonderful volunteer physicians, Dr. John Sy, Dr. Kirsten Johansen, Dr, Shira Roth, Dr. Fahmeedah Kamal, and Dr. Sri Lekha Tummalapalli.

Hope of Christ Church

Cupertino, CaliforniaSpring 2017

We were able to screen 68 people at our second screening at Home of Christ Church in Cupertino. We thank Dr. Kerry Cho, Dr. Michelle Estrella, Dr. Lynda Frassetto, Dr. Ramin Sam, Dr. Tara Chang, Dr. Xingxing Cheng, and Dr. Enrica Fung for volunteering their time on a weekend to help out with our screening, as well as the community for providing us with translators, nurses, and their full-hearted support!

Hope Community Church

Fremont, CaliforniaFall 2016

At our very first screening, with the help of Dr. Hsiao, Dr. Tuot, Dr. Chang, and other mentors, we were able to serve 64 people. We are extremely thankful for this opportunity and would like to thank the Hope of Christ Church in Fremont for allowing us to provide this service to their members.


  • Luke Christian Medical Mission
  • Oakland Asian Cultural Center
  • Home of Christ Church, Menlo Park & Cupertino
  • Church of Christ, Fremont
  • Chinese for Christ Berkeley Church
  • Korean Center (SF)
  • Chaparral House
  • Malta Clinic


  • University of California, San Francisco, Department of Nephrology
  • Harvard Medical School, Department of Nephrology
  • Stanford University Medical Center, Department of Nephrology
  • National Kidney Foundation

Advisory Board

For any inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us via email at

Dr. Delphine Tuot, MD

Physician Advisor

Delphine S. Tuot, MDCM, MAS, is an Associate Professor of Medicine in UCSF’s Division of Nephrology at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center (ZSFG), Associate Chief Medical Officer for Specialty Care and Diagnostics at ZSFG, and Co-director of the UCSF Center for Innovation in Access and Quality. Her current work focuses on the development, implementation and evaluation of interventions that increase patient engagement in health, translate evidence into practice for patients with kidney disease, and enhance access to specialty care in safety-net health systems. She obtained her undergraduate degree at Stanford University, medical degree from McGill University Faculty of Medicine, and completed residency and fellowship at the University of California San Francisco, where she also obtained a Master’s of Clinical Science with a focus on Implementation and Dissemination Science.

Dr. Raymond Hsu, MD

Physician Advisor

Dr. Raymond Hsu is a nephrologist who treats patients with a broad spectrum of kidney diseases, providing care in both inpatient and outpatient settings. In his clinic, he sees patients with all presentations of chronic kidney disease, difficult-to-control hypertension (high blood pressure), glomerulonephritis, pregnancy-related kidney diseases and other kidney disorders. He also treats patients with end-stage renal disease who are on long-term dialysis therapies, including hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Hsu's research uses administrative and clinical data to better understand which populations tend to be affected with acute and chronic renal diseases as well as their outcomes. Hsu earned his medical degree from the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. He then completed a residency in internal medicine at the University of Washington School of Medicine, followed by a fellowship in nephrology at UCSF. He also has a master of advanced study degree in clinical research from UCSF.

Jacqueline Nguyen

Senior Advisor

Jacqueline is currently a senior studying Psychology at UC Berkeley. She joined KDSAP in Fall 2018 and has only become more passionate about community health since. She believes in securing health equity and literacy by ensuring access to health care for underserved communities through KDSAP and other resourceful avenues. Outside of KDSAP, Jacqueline is involved in psychological developmental research and in patient support. In her free time, she loves trying new food, watching movies, and hanging with her friends.

Hyunju Lee


Hyunju is currently a junior studying Neurobiology and Public Health. Through KDSAP, she hopes to reach out to and connect with the rich myriad of communities within the Bay Areas on an intimate level to provide approachable care for all people. Other than being apart of KDSAP, she is interested in neurobiology research and paddles for the Cal Dragon Boat team. In her free time she loves to embroider, go out to the Bay, and seeing sunsets.

Stacy Hu

Vice President

Stacy is a junior studying Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley. Through her role on Board, she seeks to reach communities at risk of CKD in the Bay Area to increase access to healthcare and kidney health awareness in the Bay Area. She is also involved in neuroscience research, BCHO volunteering, and biochem tutoring outside of KDSAP. Otherwise, you can find her becoming emotionally attached to yet another kpop group or baking desserts.

Luna Luo

Vice President

Luna is a junior studying Molecular and Cell Biology at UC Berkeley. She is intrigued by the intricate molecular mechanisms of kidney diseases and wants to help spread existing knowledge and services more evenly among those who need it most. Outside of KDSAP, she is involved in biochemistry research on campus. In her free time, she enjoys sitting quietly, watching movies, and fencing.

Justin Zheng


Justin is a junior majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology at UC Berkeley. Joining KDSAP in Fall 2018, he has focused on expanding KDSAP's presence in all Bay Area communties to advance our mission. Outside of KDSAP he is involved in clinical research at UCSF, studying correlations between novel biomarkers and organ transplant outcomes. He is also a medical scribe at San Francisco General Hospital, and is involved in healthcare advocacy with the American Heart Association chapter on campus, as well as supporting family's through a member's cancer with Camp Kesem. He is an avid fan of turtles, basketball, and concerts.

Kundhan Dasari


Kundhan is a sophomore intending majoring in Public Health and minoring in Public Policy. He joined KDSAP in Fall 2019, during his freshman year and is passionate about the work KDSAP does to help underserved communities in the Bay Area. In his free time, Kundhan loves going on spontaneous adventures, listening to music, and having political debates.

Chelsea Lin

Outreach Committee Chair

Chelsea is a junior double majoring in Public Health and Economics at UC Berkeley. Joining KDSAP in Fall 2018 as a freshman, she learned the importance of amplifying patients' needs and overall voice, serving as the bridge between underserved communities and physicans. Outside of KDSAP, she aspires to dive into hospital administration after gaining experience as a practicing physician, focusing on health economics. In her free time, she likes to visit the beach, stay active by going on hikes and enjoy hot yoga sessions, and hang out with her Golden Retreiver.

Ryan Yu

Publicity Committee Chair

Ryan is a studying Molcular and Cell Biology and Design Innovation. He joined KDSAP in Fall of 2018 in order to promote public health within the Bay Area, and hopes to use graphic design and human-centered design principles within his role as Publicity Chair to continue doing so. Outside of KDSAP, he researches protein mimicry using synthetic polymers, provides UI/UX redesign for biotech companies, and is a current Fung Fellow at UC Berkeley. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball, watching movies, and trying out new board games.

Aahir Srinath


Aahir is a sophomore majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology. He joined KDSAP in Spring 2020 during his freshman year, and is passionate about the work KDSAP does to promote kidney health to those who may be unaware of the risks of CKD and other kidney diseases. Outside of KDSAP, Aahir loves to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity and at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in Oakland. In his free time, Aahir enjoys watching sports and streaming on Twitch.

Emanuel Manzo-Casio


Emanuel is a junior majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology at UC Berkeley. He joined KDSAP in Spring 2020 during his sophomore year and is passionate about helping those who are at a high risk of kidney disease. Outside of KDSAP, Emanuel is involved in cellular biology research and volunteers with Cal Habitat for Humanity. In his free time, Emanuel enjoys watching movies and tv shows on every single streaming service platform.

The Kidney Disease Screening and Awareness Program (KDSAP) at Berkeley hopes to provide students with a manner of helping underserved communities through free community screenings.

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